Where is the capital heading?

In Fred Wilson’s blog post yesterday I read, and not for the first time, that VC capital (notably later stage) is starting to head away from consumer web and toward enterprise web applications.

While I don’t think there’s any reason for alarm (great companies will always get funding so let’s focus on being a great company and assume the finance will right itself) it is obviously something to be conscious of in terms of long term strategy – notably looking forward to B- and C rounds.

Luckily this is something I’ve been thinking about from the off (in no small part due to my B2B enterprise sales background) and, if we can get the consumer offering to chime, then I think there’s a massive adjacency play within the corporate wellness / benefits industry.  That would be a solid B2B offering and I even know who I’d call for the first sales hire.

UPDATE 12/4/12:

Chris Dixon posted this today.  My key takeaway remains extant:  Let’s just get on with building a great product.


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