Maintaining the discipline of the MVP

I’ve done over 80 depth interviews. The last 10 or so were concept testing the WOWU calendar scheduling product and the feedback was positive.  I also conducted a (very) low grade landing page test and got an 8% sign up rate.

It’s impossible to say for sure but I do feel like I have some degree of early concept validation.  For that reason, my natural reaction is to head straight into development.  I already have a shortlist of designers and developers that I want to work with.

However, I am committed to Lean Startup principles:  It’s what investors will expect as it is by far the most capital efficient way to build a business.  So, at the cost of a few weeks, I’m going to run a Concierge MVP.  Specifically, I’m going to take all the features of WOWU*, and maybe even add in a few left-fielders, and power them with human effort; my own Mechanical Turk.

I plan to run the MVP for one week running from the weekend of 8/9 December to 15/16 December.  I’ve yet to conduct the objectives, test hypotheses, success metrics, experimental design, planning, or “product” creation.  More on all that later this week.

*This was a temporary working title for the coming soon page smoke test, it’ll be changing of course.


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